Our experience shows that while tactics may be reasonable and compliant in design, once implemented, any and all can be managed (or mismanaged) to create unacceptable risk exposure profiles.  Castling Partners starts "where you are" including collaborations with existing internal and external advisors and organizations legal counsel.  

The collective experience of Castling Partners advisors reaches across the U.S. and internationally with: community health systems, academic health centers, medical group practices, pharma and medical device producers, facilities, developers, governmental agencies and health plans.

Our clients work with Castling Partners' Professionals for purposes of:

  • Determining the reasonableness and likely productivity of newly planned strategies and tactics.
  • The review, audit and evaluation of performance of strategies underway, including providing assistance with the re-positioning or adjustment existing strategies and tactics.
  • Providing design and management support for specific tactical plans including strategic transactions (mergers, acquisitions and integrations, including analysis of existing strategies and risk exposures inclusive of specialized representations and warranties design).
  • Evaluating insurance coverage "gaps" relevant to strategy design and implementation (self-insured and excess coverage gaps)
  • Providing ongoing education and coaching to physician leaders, executives and governing boards on strategy design, implementation, funding and performance oversight and management.

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