Troubleshooting Underperforming Strategies: We focus on the productivity potential measured against enterprise risk exposure.  We start with where you are - the strategy you have in-place or are preparing to launch.  Discussions with leaders center on their experience with execution of such a strategy and their expectations of returns on the strategy balanced against the related, known (and unknown or under-appreciated) risk exposures.  As a result, a comprehensive strategy performance and risk audit is often requested.

Review and Evaluation of Employed Physician Strategies: As integrated health systems form and grow, the foundation of the physician strategy is often employment.  Effectiveness of the strategy will derive from a successful mixture of leadership, organizational structure(s), compensation design(s) and inclusion of physician leadership and perspectives which serve as the foundation for the organization's culture and performance of its strategy.

Analysis of the Independent Physicians Strategy, Including Clinically Integrated Networks: Integrated health systems generally include independent physicians in their market strategies.  A range of affiliation devices will often be applied including network affilitation agreements, medical directorships, co-management agreements, equity joint ventures and professional services agreements.  The designs and interactions of these arrangements with the physician employment platform are assessed and then evaluated in the context of the comprehensive physician services strategy performance potential as balanced with related risk.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures Due Diligence, Valuations and Commercial Reasonableness Assessments: Support the valuations of assets and going concerns to be acquired.  Assist with the design and due diligence required to support representations and warranties connected to the transaction.  We also provide advice and counsel for insurance coverage strategies for representations and warranties associated with asset purchases, mergers and acquisitions.  Finally, we examine strategy potential, challenges and enterprise risk management opportunities for the intended acquisition, merger or joint venture opportunity.

Supporting Governing Board's Roles in Strategy Design and Performance and Integrative Risk: Assisting board and management leadership to ensure their board is sufficiently educated and engaged in strategy design, performance monitoring and understandings of related integrative risk management, including subsidiary boards and controlled hospital board's oversight of affiliated medical staffs.

Design and Performance Management of Clinical Service Line Strategies: We work with senior leadership and service line management in the design and/or performance management of key clinical service lines, including but not limited to:

  • emergency services
  • cardiovascular
  • rural health services
  • primary care
  • orthopedics
  • hospital-based medicine programming


Hospital Medical Staff Design and Management: We assist with the integration of employed and independent physicians, including credentialing and privileging policies, integration of professional liability coverages and coverage gap analysis.

Evaluation of Brand Campaign Strategies: We assess the connections between health system brand campaigns and "brand promises" with the system's ability to deliver.  This includes identifying the gaps and risks of brand campaign vulnerabilities and related risks of public representations and related consequences.

Ambulatory Facilities Strategy Assessment: We assess the condition and productivity of existing facilities, needs assessments for prospective strategic facilities as well as evaluation of facilities' financial risk and investment exposures.  We will also participate in the design and programming of new, strategic ambulatory facilities.

Litigation Strategy Support: Provision of support to legal teams in the areas of litigation pertaining to health system strategy execution.

Strategy Financing and Strategic Plan Financial Management: Examinations of strategic investment requirements of strategy as measured against balance sheet capacity and competing capital demands.  We also evaluate existing financial plans for operating strategies to determine financial feasibility and performance.

Design, Execution and Performance Evaluations of Vendor Partnerships and Strategies: The include partnerships designed to advance organizational strategies, including the sharing of financial risk.  Focus is on clinical service line partnerships.

Leadership Coaching: Coaching provided to physician leaders and management partners, including managing the performance of specific strategies relative to the risk potential.

Strategic Investment Advisors to Non-Provider Health Industry Participants: Provide strategic investment advisory support to organizations interested in capitalizing on innovations for the provider-side of healthcare.  Such organizations include health insurers, pharma and device providers and health services innovators.

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