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 Comprehensive Risk Management


As health and healthcare organizations launch and operate a strategic plan, multiple tactics are activated. A single tactic never exists in a vacuum; i.e. no tactic operates in isolation of all others in-play. Much of the time management oversight is focused on the performance goals of the tactics (which makes sense). Frequently, however, the totality of the "integrative risk" (risks associated with the interaction of multiple tactics in-action) are unknown or at least, under appreciated.

Our process focuses not only on strategy, but the "risk-of-strategy". There are several categories we examine to ensure that the performance of strategy is effectively managed with attendant risk. 

  • Brand promise

  • Transactional

  • Clinical network

  • Partnerships, joint ventures, professional services and management service agreements

  • Financial

  • Clinical quality and patient safety

  • Vendor partnerships

  • Governance

  • Population health strategies

  • Medical staff management

  • Employed physicians

  • Real estate/ facilities risk