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Castling Medical Management

Improving the Performance of Health System Sponsored Physician Strategies

Castling Medical Management is a division of Castling Partners that provides ongoing, long term contract management support to hospital and health system sponsored medical practices, networks and clinical service lines.

As physician employment by hospitals and health systems continues to grow the exposure to operational, organizational, financial, strategic and legal risks increases.  While a highly successful, integrated physician organization can be a major strategic asset to a health system particularly as payers and consumers push for quality and value, simply employing physicians does not assure success and if not managed properly can actually add substantial risk to the sponsoring organization, including, for example, the amount and mechanics of compensation paid to providers, improper coding and billing, and the loss of valuable capital. However, with the right leadership and management, the physician organization can lead the system in quality improvement, enhance innovative access to increase market share and bring down cost of care through reduced variation and effective utilization management. Too often, however, we see physician organizations that are no more than a collection of individual practices with all of the variation, inefficiency and associated costs that invariably go with it. That’s where we can help.



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